Yoppa lol is dead – Professional League of Legends Toplaner for S04Esports – Cause of death

According to the news of @FortunaEsports , 23-year-old Serbian top laner Yoppa, who recently played for Schalke 04 Evolution, passed away yesterday due to Covid-19.

As Esporin, we express our condolences to Yoppa’s family and fans.

Today we lost our best serbian Top laner, @Yoppalol I can’t believe it He came so close to winning w/ @S04Esports in this winter split & was always looking to achieve greatness One of the best left us today #RIPYOPPA Our condolences to his family, team mates, close friends

Pavle Kostić, commonly known as Yopa, died on November 23. Sportklub reported the death of the best 23-year-old European player. The deaths of former Spanish club players such as Vodafone Giants or MAD Lions were caused by complications caused by the coronavirus infection. Since 2016, the Serbian has excelled as a professional League of Legends player. Most of his career has been spent in the Superliga, the regional Spanish MOBA league from Riot Games.

After starting his career at the beginning of the sixth season, Yoppa made the leap to the Super League with the help of ASUS ROG Army at the end of the same period. Players have joined more established teams such as KYIF eSports Club, Giants or MAD Lions.

After defeating G2 Vodafone 3-1 in the final, the best player was announced as the winner of the XI Tournament of Honor (late 2016) together with ASUS ROG. In this game, he played a key role in the split push effect. He later won the 2019 Iberian Cup with the Lions.

After finishing his stint as a MAD Lions player, Yoppa jumped to the rest of the European Regional League (ERL). In 2020, the player finally joined Vitality.Bee, a Team Vitality academy and the La Ligue Française (LFL) team. The following year, the Serbian decided to change the ERL again and bet on the German top flight with the Schalke 04 Evolution, Schalke 04 Academy until the end of summer.

In his career, the best player of his career stood out, which made him almost sign for TSM at the end of the eighth season. Finally, due to visa problems, he was unable to enter the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

Europe is currently in the midst of a new wave of coronavirus. Countries like Austria impose a population limit on the incidence rate list of 1,911.3 points per 100,000 inhabitants. In other countries, such as Belgium or the Netherlands, the incidence is 1,458.1 or 1,342, respectively. Since the outbreak, there have been a total of 259 million confirmed cases and 5.17 million deaths worldwide. The complete vaccination rate was 42.6%.

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