Viking’s Everson Griffen Posts Disturbing Video Online What Happened To Him?

These days, social media is remaining the subject of discussion among users ever since the viral video incident are reported. But sometimes disturbing element video also becomes the hot topic, something similar is recently happened with Viking Star Everson Griffen, as he posted a video on Instagram. Where he unleashed such circumstance from which he went through recently, he said that someone was inside his house and tried to kill him. Ever since his admirers got acquainted with the news they are paying attention to him and demanded his security, get to know more check the details given below along with some untold facts.

Viking's Everson Griffen Posts Disturbing Videos Online What Happened To Him?

According to the exclusive reports, Minnesota Viking shared a statement on Wednesday afternoon by mentioning that the entire team has been notified by some legal enforcement bureaus. But he was thankful to the concerned department who arrived at the right time and made him safe, he personally thanks Hennepin County Sheriff’s office. Even the concerned department has assured Viking star that they will manage everything safe for him, and he does not need to get afraid at all of anyone else, because they have provided him tight security so that, no one could harm him.

Everson Griffen Disturbing Gun Video

It is being reported, that the Statement has been made by the Minnetrista Public Safety Department, that Griffin left his house, “without incident” at 02:29 pm ET. Meanwhile, he was brought by ambulance to the nearest medical center, and they mentioned that the case remains under investigation. They got him the necessary help that he needed, this is what is said by his general manager Rick Spielman. Further, he mentioned that the concerned department has set the emergency actions, so that, if someone was there to kill him then they can take the culprit into custody.

Later, the police department said that they did not find any culprit at his residence after getting investigated the entire area of his house. Even the video which he shared on Instagram has been removed along with some other posts. Hitherto the case is under investigation and as soon as it is going ahead many unknown facts are coming to the fore. So therefore you will have to wait for a bit more to figure out the entire report because the genuine one will take some time to come out. So when we will get more we will make you acquainted for sure.

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