Sirf Tum 25th November 2021 Today’s Written Update: Ranveer Saves Suhani’s Life

The 25th November 2021 episode of Sirf Tum is bringing a high-voltage drama where you will watch, that Suhani enters the college as a fresher and hence, seniors decide to do her ragging. They call her and ask to introduce herself comprehensively while dancing, Suhani gets afraid because she is facing such circumstances for the first time. Hence, she is not understanding how to deal with these guys, even she starts crying as well. But despite this, the senior student does not stop her ragging and kept on bullying her, which seems inappropriate and no other student comes forward to help her.

Sirf Tum 25th November 2021 Today's Written Update: Ranveer Saves Suhani's Life

Then Suhani decides to run away from the seniors so that, she can take someone’s help especially Ranveer, but they chase her and throws garbage on her as well. As soon as they catch her they start teasing her as well due to her simple lifestyle and dressing sense by saying that if she wants to study with them, so she needs to groom herself a bit. But meanwhile, a friend of Ranveer sees everything and makes a call to him and informs how seniors are treating Suhani, and mentions that they threw garbage on her as well.

Sirf Tum Today’s Episode 25th Nov 2021

As soon as, Ranveer comes to know about Suhani’s raging his anger goes at its peak because he does not like it if someone teases her. Hence, he leaves his family function and goes to the college because Suhani needs him, otherwise those students will make her bother more. When he reaches there and sees Suhani his anger hits the bricks and he beats all those senior students who became the cause of her condition and unhappiness. Meanwhile, announces that if someone again does such things to her so he will kill that student without thinking even once.

Later, he decides to take her responsibilities as well by saying that now she does not need to be worried at all unless he is here, and warns those boys that if they do such things with her again, then no one will come to save their lives. They apologize to him and Suhani, by saying that they will not bother her at all but Ranveer’s anger is not decreased yet because he is getting possessive of her day by day. But meanwhile, he consoles her as well by saying that now she does not need to get afraid of anyone, and brings her to the classroom so that, she can attend the lectures.

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