Who is Justine Madrigal? Orange Shirt Guy Scandal Video viral

Who is Justine Madrigal? Orange Shirt Guy Scandal Video viral: These days the social media platforms are full of several viral videos and from this, one name which is recently trending all over the internet is Justine Madrigal. Madrigal video went viral on several social media platforms, especially on Reddit and Twitter. The people are keen to know who is an orange shirt guy and why Justine name is in the limelight and why his video went viral over the Internet. In the blog, we will explore his viral video case. So read this entire article carefully from its start to end. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Justine Madrigal

Who is Justine Madrigal?

Justine Madrigal is a boy whose one video went viral on social media platforms. In his viral video, he was wearing an orange shirt and due to this most of the people were looking for Justine orange guy viral video on the Internet. Thousands or even millions of people were already sharing his video, viewing it, and liking the video of the orange shirt guy on Social Media. Though the video has been currently not available it seems like it has been removed from Social media for now and even many altruistic netizens were needed from the rest of the people to remove the viral video of Justine Madrigal.

Justine Madrigal Orange Shirt Guy Scandal Video viral

Thousands of people were looking for the video of Justine those who missed out to watch it. The viral video shows a private moment between an orange guy and a boy named talagang. The screenshot of the video is also shared in his video is being spread that he was just drunk by a gay man. Sadly, we don’t have much information regarding this video as this video was removed from the Internet and not much information is available regarding this.

It looks like there is some big controversy which is enclosing the video, the video is getting spammed. As soon as we find any update regarding this video, we will notify our readers till then it’s a request that all those who have this video please don’t share it and stay safe at your home. Stay tuned with us for more such updates and don’t forget to read our other articles.

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