Pakistani politician Sania Ashiq Video Viral Private MMS Leaked Leave Twitter Scandalized

VIDEO: Pakistani politician Sania Ashiq Video Viral Private MMS Leaked Leave Twitter Scandalized: Another viral video is making the news headlines. As it consists of obscene content which is creating a buzz all around social media also. A d the users are giving their different reactions to it. This time in the video the target is PML-N MPA Sania Ashiq. Now you must be wondering why the leaked video is calling obscene on the internet. So the awareness of this question will be going to unveiled in the article below. So without any more wait let’s get into the article. Follow More Update On

Sania Ashiq Video Viral

Sania Ashiq Video Viral

The leaked obscene video is making the bzz over social media and this video is related to the member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) Sania Ashiq Jabber. The video is so disgusting that the people who are after witnessing the video are so disturbed and stunned that how the nation’s morality is going into the pit. This video is the most trending topic these days and everyone is discussing it all around with their different reactions. And the video is leaked by a person who is the most popular personality and might belong to the film industry or politician. But it is yet to be enclosed that who is behind all these things the police personal are still doing a deep investigation.

Let’s know whether this video of Sania Ashiq is fake or real?

People keep on sharing this video on their social media platforms and making them even really talk about this. Other than this we will all tell you that Sania isn’t created to it yet chance for her reaction we have to wait and neither she is replying to the media’s question about her leaked video.

Sania becomes a candidate of the Pakistan Muslim League on the reserved seat for women in the year 2018.

Reactions of people on the leaked obscene video:-

A user wrote, “this is bullshit and disturbing to see her in a video like this.”

Zubair wrote, “Whoever is after this has done a much bad and despicable act. I have assisted my nation with honor, honesty, and responsibility. Will proceed to propose my opinion for the betterment of Pakistan.”

There are numerous tweets like this and Twitter is folded with these replies and such reactions. This is an inappropriate act by someone who is still to be known. As the investigation is still on the way. Stay tuned to us to grab the update of eth same by following us.

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