Lucinda Southworth : 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucinda Southworth Larry Page’s Wife

Lucinda Southworth, American Research Scientist

Lucinda Southworth is a research scientist by profession. Her recent research focused on the comparative analysis of data expression in Eukaryotic Organisms. As a scientist, she is involved in biomedical research. She is well-recognized for being the wife of Larry Page, the co-founders of Google, and CEOs of the company known as ‘Alphabet Inc’. Moreover, she is also the younger sister of actress and model, Carrie Southworth. Here are the 10 things that you didn’t know about Lucinda Southworth:

1. Lucinda Southworth is a research scientist by profession

Lucinda Southworth is a learned scientist from America. She is highly educated and she got her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, she decided to do her MSc; she did her post-graduation from the University of Oxford. Her study area was Data Analysis of Eukaryotic organisms. She has also completed her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Biomedical Informatics. 

2. Lucinda has a great family background

Lucinda came from a wealthy, well-established, and highly educated family. She is the daughter of Dr. Van Roy Southworth who did a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Her father worked at the World Bank. Her mother’s name is Dr. Cathy McLain who is an educational psychologist by profession. Her mother is also the founder of two Not for Profit Organizations (NGOs) named McLain Associations for Children which is based in Georgia and Stepping Stones International based in the US. 

Lucinda Sourthworth is the daughter of Dr. Van Roy Southworth and Dr. Cathy McLain

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3. Lucinda also has an elder sibling

Lucinda Southworth has an elder sister whose name goes by Carrie Southworth. By profession, Carrie Southworth is an American actress, model, and businesswoman who portrayed Dr. Claire Simpson on the SOAPnet prime time serial General Hospital: Night Shift in 2008.  

4. Lucinda is actively involved in charity work

Lucinda Southworth is actively involved in charity work alongside her husband, Larry Page. She has come up with her own charitable organization Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation. The Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation operates as a charitable organization. The Foundation raises funds for a variety of social issues such as education, medicine, poverty, and family issues. Back then, Lucinda and Lary donated $15 million to West Africa to help West Africans overcome the Ebola virus epidemic. 

Everything That You Need To Know About Lucinda Southworth

5. Lucinda Southworth is the mother of two children

Lucinda Southworth and her husband, Larry Page and have two children. The first child was born in 2009. The second one was born in 2011. Both of their children are not exposed to the media. Thus, their names and gender are still unknown yet. They are very private when it comes to their children’s life.

Lucindra Southworth and Larry Page

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6. Lucinda is a fitness freak

An ideal personification of brain and beauty, Lucinda Southworth loves to look fit and she is obsessed with the gym. She maintains her body shape a lot as she is also very conscious about her food intake. 

7. She is not active in social media

Lucinda Southworth is currently inactive on social media sites and she does not have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. She is not a social media addict. Maybe she is trying to maintain her privacy. We can attribute this to perhaps her anti-social skills.  

8. Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page have a combined net worth of $119.2 Billion in 2021

Lucinda Southworth is a research scientist by profession who has accumulated a net worth of $1 Billion as of 2021 and Larry Page who is a business magnate, computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur has accumulated a net worth of $118.2 Billion in 2021. Thus, their combined net worth is $119.2 Billion as of October 2021. 

Who is Lucindra Southworth Husband Larry Page?

9. Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page started dating in 2006

Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page met each other and began dating in the year 2006. After dating a year, their love life turned to married life on 8th December 2007. 

Lucindra Southworth and her husband, Larry Page

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10. Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page’s wedding was held at Necker Island

Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page’s wedding was held at Necker Island, an exotic Caribbean island in the British Virgin Islands, owned by British business tycoon and ‘Virgin Group’ founder Richard Branson. Richard even served as Larry’s “best man”. The guests were flown into the island on Larry’s private ‘Boeing 767.’ The star-studded guest list included names such as Gavin Newsom, Oprah Winfrey, and Donald Trump. Larry Page and Lucinda Southworth have been together since then. The couple has never been in controversies relating to their marriage ever. Both of them are highly supportive of each other professionally as well as personally. 

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