How Will Pragya Prove Abhi Innocent

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Gaurav talking to Aaliya and Tanu where he tells them that he is planning to start a business that can give him a huge profit along with flying numbers of amount, he continues to dream that he wants a business where he can get this much amount which will easily take years to count the entire money he has. Aaliya looks at him and asks that from where will he get the opportunity, he tell her that Pragya will give him the business.

kumkum Bhagya

Aaliya then asks him that why Pragya would help him, he replies “I have the proof of Abhi’s innocence and I know that Pragya will do anything to prove Abhi is innocent”. She smiles and he then tells her that he will deal with Pragya and she must accept it because she does not have any other option to prove Abhi didn’t do all those murders. Aaliya then asks him that what if her brother does not come out, he assures her that he will not anything let happen with her brother as he is having strong evidence. Tanu comes in between the chat and says that Pragya is like a goddess for Abhi and she will not beg him for proof to prove Abhi’s innocence.

He says that she will do everything, Tanu says that Pragya will take other hands out like Durga Maa and will kill him like a demon, and then she will snatch all the proofs from him and prove Abhi innocent. Purab there says that if she does anything like this then she will have to pay out for it and that will going to be so costly. On the other side Pragya gets a call from her lawyer who tells her that the bail has been rejected because the prosecution has given some other reasons to keep Abhi behind the bars, she asks him about the reasons. He tells her “lawyer said in the court, if Abhi gets out of the jail then he will go straight to the family of those people who died cause of him and must threaten them or perhaps he would give money and buy the witness’s statement.

Well, there is no doubt that the episode is going to be so dramatic and Aaliya must make Pragya stuck in the stress. So don’t forget to watch the episode tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to get all the latest and complete written episodes.

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