Jennifer Hernandez Passes Away At 58 Female Bodybuilder Cause Of Death Bio Family

We are extremely saddened and heartbroken to share this awful news of Jennifer Hernandez sudden demise. It is being said that the bodybuilder was passed away on 24th October 2021, she was 58 at the time of her death. However, none of the statement has been made by her family regarding her death. Her death news was shared by one of her accompanies named Denis James who is her gym partner. She shared this dreaded information through Instagram. She even expressed her grief in a sad note. Fetch all the information regarding Jennifer Hernandez death.

Jennifer Hernandez Passes Away At 58 Female Bodybuilder Cause Of Death Bio Family

As far as we are concerned with the statement of Denis, she wrote that she is in immense shock after learning about Jennifer’s death. She further wrote that she will be missed forever and always. According to the latest reports, Jennifer engaged in a bodybuilding competition in August at Tampa Pro 2021. In addition to this, she has been competing in female bodybuilding competitions since 2005. Along with that, she is also a contender of IFBB Pro since 2009, she was 47 years of her age at the time.

All of her fans are expressing their grief and mourning her death. They also pay tribute to the deceased and give deep condolence to her family through Social Media. Some other significant bodybuilders are also paying tribute to Jennifer. On behalf of the reports, it was acclaimed by a netizen that the major reason behind her death is cardiac arrest. However, other social media consumers claimed that she must have overdosed. Although the main reason is still unknown so far. We will get back to you with the specific reasons. Her family is currently busy performing her last rites. Social Media platforms have been flooded with tributes.

As we mentioned above that her family hasn’t negotiated with the media or through Social Media regarding her death. The netizens are claiming that her profession played a major role in her sudden demise. This untimely death of the bodybuilders is smashing the headlines throughout on a regular interval. Recently another renowned bodybuilder George Peterson passed away in the ongoing month.

If we talk about her website, it focused spreading positivity and trying to make the followers optimistic. She used to inspire people and urge them to follow a healthy and positive lifestyle. We hope that God will provide immense strength and courage to her family to bear this immense loss. May the pure soul rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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