Dr. Jim Free is dead at 87 – Cause of death (James Free)

Dr. Jim Free has passed away at 87. A private practice doctor in Clearwater, Free was part of the first graduating class at the University of Florida in 1960.

As a research fellow, he worked on a solution that replaced sweat for athletes. It was he who named it Gatorade.

Dr. James Free was a member of the first graduating class of the University of Florida School of Medicine in 1960.

His and his wife’s dedication to the medical school, especially primary care, inspired their donation to the medical school’s education and construction. The building will be named after the founding dean, Dr. George T. Harrell. Recognizing the couple’s commitment to primary care, H. James Free, MD, the Primary Care Education and Innovation Center was established.

The center is committed to Free’s passion and will focus on encouraging students to take primary care as a career, improving medical outcomes for disadvantaged groups, and supporting the medical school’s commitment to its highest standard of education and the best graduate professional level to provide special Patient care.

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