Sri Lanka Rugby legend Chandrishan Perera Is dead – cause of death

Sri Lanka Rugby legend Chandrishan Perera passed away this evening in Negombo after being hospitalized.

It is a household name in Sri Lanka’s rugby circle. Currently, he can only sit in a wheelchair due to nerve pressure. He is a former Sri Lanka rugby team captain, coach, fitness coach, journalist, commentator, and a strong supporter of the MoraSpirit Senior Advisory Committee.

The Sri Lanka Rugby Management Agency organized a fundraising match, which will begin at 6:30 on April 6th under floodlights on the Havelock Park grounds. The procedures collected at the entrance will be used to fund his treatment. This game is also the selection platform for the upcoming Asian Rugby 15s. These teams are made up of players who have been educated in the “Colombo Origin” school at the Colombo school, while the other players are from “other countries” teams.

He desperately needs help, because this situation will lead to Parkinson’s disease in the future. Unfortunately, the reason for this is the high contact of rugby. He is slightly better than before, but there is still a high risk of not recovering from this disease.

This game will invite some of the most talented club rugby players in the country, all of whom are paying attention to the national team jerseys. These teams are selected based on the best players in the recently concluded Conversation Rugby League. These teams will have a combination of talents including current national rugby seven players and former elementary school geniuses.

For all football fans, friends and blessers of Mr. Chandrishan, this encounter will indeed be a highly anticipated encounter. As we all know, he is a smart player on the wing, played domestic cricket, and became the captain of the Fiji Sevens championship team in 1994.

The country is saddened by the unfortunate situation of Sri Lanka’s recognized rugby legend, but he is still full of fighting spirit.We, Mr. MoraSpirit, hope that he will get well soon, and we also hope that all readers will participate in this game, because he has always been a true supporter of Sri Lanka Rugby MoraSpirit and a good friend of everyone.

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