Funeral service at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral at 11:00 BST

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates: Funeral service at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral at 11:00 BST: There has been a sad demise of Roger Hunts recently, England and Liverpool’s legends were present there at the funeral of the great man who has given the sport of football so many special memories, he is still the record holder for the club’s record league scorer, Sir Roger has died at the age of 83 in the month of September. Follow More Update On

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates

There were hundreds of Liverpool fans who gathered at Anfield as the funeral paused outside the ground ahead of a service at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral at 11:00 am, Hunt was the man for the team in his era, he scored 244 goals in total for the club and the striker was the part of the England squad in the year 1996 for the World Cup when England was crowned as world champions.

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates

Ex England manager naming Keegan has stated, he was part of the exclusive club of players who have scored more than 200 goals for Liverpool, he was also the world cup winner in the year 1996, he was the top scorer for Liverpool for eight straight years which is just mind-boggling.

It was stated at the funeral that he was gentle, he was modest and he was Liverpool’s greatest. Comedian and a great player of his time Jimmy Tarbuck also paid tribute to the great soul, he started to be born a gentleman in an accident but dying remaining as one is an achievement, he further thanked the great one for giving the club and country so many beautiful memories.

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates

Tributes are just pouring on the internet people are sharing their experiences which they had with the legend and there are so many qualities which the man carried, it is difficult to believe that one man can consist so many qualities which makes him the greatest player of Liverpool.

Roger Hunt Funeral Live Updates

He was born in Golborne in Cheshire on 20th July in the year 1938, Hunt signed up for Liverpool and he made his 492nd and final appearance for the club in the year 1969, he played under the legacy manager naming Bill Shankly who helped the club to win the second division in the year 1962 as he scored 41 goals in one season.

Liverpool went on to win the first division in the years 1964 and 1966, our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people who greatly loved the legendary man “Sir Roger”. He is going to be resting in peace.

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