Choti Sardarni, 14th October 2021, Written Update, Rajveer Proposes Seher In A Unique Style

Choti Sardarni, 14th October 2021, Written Update: The episode starts with Seher as she attempts to stop the police but they start dancing with Rajveer. She gets to know that Rajveer did this only for her so that her nervousness gets reduced. She asks him how can he do this for her. He says that it’s nothing in front of her happy face. He makes her sit and says to her that he knows that their marriage was forced marriage but they are together now. He asks her if she become his child’s mother. She gets teary and hugs him. Here, Badi B says to Karan and Param that Seher is preparing herself to become a mother. Follow More Update On

Choti Sardarni

She tells them that yesterday night, Didiji again did something to win Seher’s trust. She gets silent seeing Didi and Rimple. In the hospital, Rajveer and Seher feel nervous but try to calm themselves for the procedure. Gayatri says that Seher’s BB is normal but not Rajveer’s She asks him to calm down. Rimple asks Badi B if she is hiding something. Didi says to Rimple how can she talk like this to their guest. Badi B taunts her. Didiji leaves the place with Rimple saying they will prepare a pickle for Seher.

Rajveer holds Seher’s hand and says to Gayatri that he wants to be with Seher. Gayatri tells Seher to take a deep breath, she is about to start the procedure. Seher asks him to promise he will not leave her ever even though she looks fat. The doctor asks her not to move now. Rajveer tries to divert her mind and kisses her on her forehead. Seher feels strange for her feelings for Rajveer. She thinks if she started loving him. Gayatri finishes the procedure and congratulates them. They two also congratulate each other. She hugs him.

Seher thinks she is feeling something different for Rajveer. Meanwhile, Rajveer thinks he never thought this day will also come in his life. Gayatri makes a call to Didiji and tells her that she did whatever she asked her to do. She says that she only gives Seher multivitamins injection. Didiji gets happy and Badi B asks why is she happy. Rajveer and Seher get to know that Didiji is sending them on a honeymoon. Don’t miss watching the upcoming episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM.

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