KiXSTArTV (Michael Stockley) is dead – cause of death

Michael “KiXSTaR” Stockley dead at 24, according to statement from family

According to family news, professional commentator Michael “KiXSTaR” Stockley has passed away.The NAL match day he is expected to participate in has been postponed until laterSince playing games on Orbit, KiXSTaR has been the backbone of the highly competitive “Rainbow Six Siege” community. He changed from a role to an actor in 2016. KiXSTaR is the color commentator for the 2020 E-Sports Awards and was nominated for the same award in the 2021 award iteration.His loss will be felt throughout the scene. The SiegeGG team expressed condolences to his family and relatives.

The North American commentator is considered one of the best commentators in the world and won the award in 2020. His family confirmed the news at the age of 24.This is sad news for the e-sports world and someone who never likes to write. On October 11, one of the most iconic commentators in the field passed away, specializing in Rainbow Six: Siege, and was loved by the community.

Michael Stockley, better known as KiXSTAR, passed away at the age of 24. As confirmed by the news, the news announced that his life ended on October 11 and reported the tragedy. KiXSTAR is not only one of the best commentators on Rainbow Six: Siege, but also one of the best commentators in the esports world. At the age of 23, he was successfully nominated as the best commentator in the world (Color Caster). . KiXSTAR started talking about Rainbow Six: Siege in 2016, when he was only 19 years old, which confirmed his talent on the microphone. Since then, he has been talking about all the big R6 tournaments on the official live stream. Prior to this, Michael had participated in professional-level competitions on “Rainbow Six: Siege,” won the North American professional league championship, and participated in major tournaments before acting as a microphone.

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