David H. DePatie is dead – Cause of death

There is a lot to say about DePatie, but the first thing I want to say is that he was the last producer of the Warner Bros. Animation Department from 1961-62-the department was originally founded by Leon Schlesinger in 1930. ) Created Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Hosted the final drama Bugs Bunny, Tweedy, and Vogelhorn Airline Shorts (directed by Chuck Jones, Fritz Freren and Robert McKinson respectively); ABC-TV Bugs Bunny Show, Pilot (turned to Drama short film) “The Adventures of a Road Runner” and Philbert; and supervise the internal animation advertising department.

Enterprise and Friz Freleng – DePatie businessman, Freleng creative director. Their first job was to create the Pink Panther character and cartoon title for the 1964 Blake Edwards feature film. The opening sequence was widely acclaimed, and United Artists paid to produce a pilot episode (The Pink Phink), which won DePatie and Freleng’s Oscar for Best Cartoon Short Film. This led to a series of long-term drama comics for UA, which produced many characters, including The Inspector, The Ant and The Aardvark, and Hoot Kloot (to name a few).

DePatie Freleng thrives in these series, many TV commercials, movies and TV shows (including I Dreamed of Jenny) and TV series (Super Six, Minecraft and Welcome to It, Grumpy Is Coming, MisterJaw, etc.) TV specials include Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in a Hat” and “Laurax”. DePatie Freleng also produced a series of after-school specials and theatrical cartoons featuring The Roadrunner, Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck in the 1960s.

When Friz Freleng decided to return to Warner Bros. in 1981, DePatie continued under the new name-Marvel Animation-the helm of the production company-making Spider-Man and his amazing friends and the incredible Hulk, etc.-until he was in Retire later in that decade.

I have met and interviewed David Depati many times-I am happy to report that he is open and honest about his career, work, and cartoons named after him. He is charming and sincere-people who have worked for him for many years have loved him. He is the last old school cartoon producer-he will be missed.

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