Why Was Joseph Pollard Arrested? Farrah Carter Miramar Murder Case 2021

Joseph Pollard has been arrested for the murder of 15 years old girl in 2002. Learn what happened. 

A teenage girl named Farrah Carter from Miramar was found dead in her home in nearly 20 years ago.

Murderer Joseph Pollard Arrested After 20 years of Homicide

The cold case of Farrah Carter homicide has finally been solved after 56-year-old Joseph Pollard was arrested. He was found serving a life sentence for 2000 other cases such as burglary, kidnapping, assault, and robbery.

He has been charged with first-degree murder. However, the police have not yet informed the media about how the victim and the criminals were related or what was the motive behind the killing. They also added that he has a history of violence against women.

In 2002, the youngster Carter was found brutally murdered at her home. Her dead body was discovered by her mother on May 22, 2002. Initially, there were no signs of forced entry into the house which indicates that she knew the killer.

According to police reports, there were signs of violent struggling. She was stabbed multiple times and she bled all over the crime scene as she was fighting for her life.

Details On Farrah Carter Miramar Murder Case 2021

Farrah Carter murder case did not see any improvement in the last 20 years but it has finally made development in 2021. The murderer has been found and taken into custody as announced by the police on Tuesday.

The investigators mentioned that it was all thanks to technological advancement that they were able to link the DNA of Pollard to the murder scene.

The family of the victim were pleased to hear that their daughter’s murderer was found but it is still heartbreaking. Her mother said she was a vibrant and helpful girl, a good big sister whereas her sister expressed her sadness over her untimely death and how life had cheated on her.

She was studying in Hallandale Adult Community Center at that time. According to her relatives, she has dreams of attending beauty school and owning a restaurant.

At present, the detectives are trying to find out more information on Pollard and trying to contact the people who knew him.

Find Joseph Pollard on Wikipedia

Joseph Pollard cannot be found on Wikipedia. However, he is a 56 years old man who is serving his life sentence in the prison for other different 2000 criminal charges.

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