Why Was Charles Rowland Arrested? Fred and Peggy White Charged For Murder

Charles Rowland was arrested for the murder of a Twiggs County couple. Learn about what happened.

Peggy White and her husband Fred were found dead on Saturday after their daughter reported a burglary. 

Why Was Charles Rowland Arrested?

Charles Rowland, the suspect of the homicide, has been arrested for the murder of the couple. He was taken into custody late Monday night. 

On Saturday, the deputies got a call from the couple’s daughter around 9 a.m., claiming that her parent’s house had been burglarized. 

When the police reached the scene, they saw that the house has been robbed, the suspect took the gun and money from the house, but the couple was nowhere to be found. 

Later they got a call from some hunters saying they found Peggy’s body in a truck about a quarter-mile away. Her husband, who first seemed to be missing, was found dead across the street, about 200 yards far on the edge of some woods nearby.


Peggy was 65 years old, whereas her husband Fred was 70 years old. The old couples were not only robbed but also brutally killed by shooting. 

They have been married since 1972 and have been residing in Twigg County for more than 20 years. They also have two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Fred and Peggy White Murder Charges

The suspect of Fred and Peggy White murder will be facing the charges of burglary, malice murder, and felony murder. According to the sources, more information and charges are pending as of yet and will soon be publicized.

On Sunday afternoon, the investigators also said that it was an isolated and targeted incident. On top of that, Sherrif Mitchum and the couple’s family friend also said that it was an uncommon situation in their county. 


Sherrif Darren Mitchum also shared that he knew the couple, and the case was personal to him. The home’s security footage was released where the suspect can be seen wearing a mask and holding a gun that belonged to the couple. 

Thus, he also announced that whoever could give information leading to the arrest of the suspect would be granted $10,000 from Macon regional Crimestoppers. 

The accused was finally arrested on Monday night. 

Charles Rowland Age 

There is no information released about Charles Rowland age. He has been taken into custody, and the police are inquiring him regarding the homicide.

Thus, there is no further information about the murderer except for his name. 

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