Who Is Judge Mary Beth Sharp? Son Husband Robert Willis and Family

Robert Willis is the father of William Willis who breached lockdown rules to ravel to Wānaka. Continue to know more about him.

William Willis and his partner Hannah Rawnsley are charged with breaching the Covid-19 policy. They flew at the height of the pandemic.

According to reports, William Willis is a horse breeder and competitive equestrian. On the other hand, his wife, Hannah Rawnsley is a lawyer.

The pair are accused of using their worker exemption to cross the border. Here are details we know about William Willis’ father Robert Willis.

Robert Willis- Who Is William Willis Father?

William Willis was born to his judge mother Mary Beth Sharp and father Robert Willisin 1986.

As of now, there are not many details about Willis’ father. Some reports suggest that Robert Willis is a consultant in the Auckland Office.

On the other hand, some news mentions William Willis’ father is also a judge. However, at the time we are less aware of him.

William Willis has denied appearing in the media. He mentioned receiving death threats after breaching the Covid policy.

At present times, he has been heavily criticized after the incident.

They also stated that their journey had been kept a secret from their friends and relatives.

‘Deeply sorry’ – William Willis and Hannah Rawnsley named as Wanaka holidaymakers, via @nzherald https://t.co/jfZ1tfY0fZ

— Robert Missen (@RobertMissen1) September 14, 2021

Meet Robert Willis Wife Mary Beth Sharp

Robert Willis’ wife Mary Beth Sharp is a public official. She serves as a District Court Judge.

She had previously been given name suppression with the couple, also issued a statement criticizing their acts.

Upon which the accused pair has apologized for their action.

The couple added they both received negative COVID-19 tests before and after traveling.

The two are accused of taking advantage of their essential worker exemption to cross Auckland’s southern border into Hamilton.

William Willis’ girlfriend Hannah Rawnsley is also a barrister. She is a lawyer at Auckland firm Roddie Sim.

As of now, there are still details to be known about Hannah’s parents and family.

So this woman was caught and jointly charged? What about jointly charging William Willis and Hannah Rawnsley? I see no difference other than privilege. https://t.co/2uzbnxY3px

— pek pek (@kiwipilipina) September 14, 2021

Robert Willis Age

Robert Willis’ age details are not available on the web.

He must be somewhere closer in the age with Mary Beth Sharp. For now, we can not even assume his age due to a lack of factual data.

Robert Willis could not be discovered on any Social media platform. We can not even confirm whether he is dead or alive at the present time.

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