Who Is Hannah Rawnsley Barrister? Lawyer Age and Partner William Willis – Wanaka Couple Revealed

Who Is Hannah Rawnsley Barrister? She and her partner were accused of visiting a holiday home in Wanaka at the weekend during the lockdown. Here is what we know about the Wanaka couple so far.

Hannah Rawnsley and her partner, William Willis, flouted lockdown rules and traveled from Auckland to a Wanaka holiday home. According to the police, they crossed the alert level 4 border from Auckland and drove to Hamilton Airport using essential worker exemptions last Thursday. 

The pair took a commercial flight from Wellington to Queenstown, after which they rented a vehicle and drove to Wanaka. The police department got notified online, by the Covid-19 compliance reporting tool, and the couple was found on Saturday afternoon. 

Meet Hannah Rawnsley The Barrister

Rawnsley is a barrister by profession, which means she offers specialist advice while representing, defending, and advocating for her clients at the court. She is originally from Pukekohe.

Suppression for the wealthy and entitled, to protect them from the same kind of ill informed aggression directed at a Samoan congregation worshipping legally pre-lockdown. #WanakaCouple #wankas @nzherald https://t.co/vkcXOeovyS

— Hohepa the Sader Fan (@JosephHullen) September 14, 2021

The couple received many death threats and were concerned for their safety. However, they are now committed to taking responsibility for their actions. They were initially granted interim name suppression as requested by their lawyers. 

Neither Hannah nor William will seek suppression of their names, reports NZ Herald.

What Is Hannah Rawnsley’s Age?

Rawnsley’s current age is 26 years

Many people including, officials in Wanaka, Prime Minister, and the police department, have shown their anger and frustration against the couple, calling them extremely selfish.

No. Don’t defend the #WanakaCouple! I have not had a break with being a frontline health professional. The sacrifices I have made to contribute to keeping this country safe. Don’t underestimate it with defending their actions. I am sure a whole bunch of us feel disrespected. pic.twitter.com/7t9IrXwq3w

— Leina Isno (@LeinaBeina) September 14, 2021

Willis and Rawnsley will be charged with breaching the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act as they crossed the Auckland border unlawfully on September 9, 2021.

Who Is Her Partner William Willis? Wanaka Couple Revealed

Hannah’s partner, William Willis, is an equestrian by profession. His current age is 35 years, and he is from Karaka. His mother is Mary-Beth Sharp, a District Court Judge, as per RNZ.

Judge Mary-Beth Sharp responded to the incident and said that she is outraged at her son and his partner’s behavior over the weekend and that she is highly embarrassed.

The couple issued a statement through their lawyer and said traveling to Wanaka was inexcusable and irresponsible. They issued an apology to the Wanaka community and the people of Aotearoa, New Zealand for their actions.

Both Hannah and William said that they were tested negative for Covid-19 before traveling. They were not in close contact with any positive cases, and they did not visit any locations of interest.

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