Curse of the Sands 23rd September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 23rd September 2021 Update Zee World

On Curse of the Sands Thursday 23 September 2021, Shiv was in the hall. Ananya spills a bucket full of water over him. Shiv was bathed in the water. He thinks Ananya doesn’t seem to be injured and is only making fool of Amar. He goes upstairs to tell Amar.

There, in a dark room, Baba was with Amar and Chaya. Amar uses his magic to produce a huge bar in front of him. Baba sends Chaya to keep Shiv away from Ananya and guard outside her room. Amar lay on the ice bar when Shiv reaches him and tries to convince him that Ananya is fine. Amar wasn’t ready to believe him, he shivered but laid on the ice bar. Shiv decides to go to Ananya and show him the proof. Chaya guarded outside Ananya’s room. Shiv peeks through the hole and finds someone under the blanket. Ananya had placed a dummy of pillows under the blanket. Shiv tells Chaya that Ananya isn’t inside the room, who she is guarding then. Ananya whistles towards Shiv as he reaches the corridor.


Mishra Ji brings a flower plate singing Holi Hai to Sunanda’s room.

Shiv goes after Ananya in the street. A man stuffs his mouth with Bhang.

Baba was dancing in the room. Amar was curt that it’s only for Ananya, that the world is celebrating Holi while he is freezing over the ice bar.

Shiv was drunk and gulps another glass. A girl in a veil appears in front of him. He walks towards her, assuming it’s Ananya. The girl dances on the beat of the drum. Shiv grabs the drum now and beats joyously. Both were filled in colors, as Ananya falls over Shiv.

Curse of the Sands Thursday 23rd September 2021 Update Zee World

Later, Shiv was in his bed filled in colors. The veiled girl cries beside him, that she slept with a stranger. Shiv wakes up and was taken aback at the crying girl’s presence in his room. The girl cries that her parents will be disgraced. She goes out, calling the family inside. Shiv appears from his room, buttoning his shirt. Amar also comes out. The veiled girl narrates to Amar the whole story of Bhang, Holi, and dance, and … She goes to grab herself a glass of water and spills it over the floor. The girl blames Shiv for sleeping with her and spilling her respect. She requests Amar to hire her, she can no longer go to her village; she is ready to do the house chores for him. Baba takes Amar aside and whispers that the girl is capable of doing what Ketki couldn’t. He must keep her in the house, and make sure Shiv repeats his mistake. So what when Ananya wakes up after 11 days, she is left heartbroken. Amar inquires about the girl’s name. She says she is Gauri. Amar tells Chaya to take her along, she will now live in this house. Gauri was thankful. Sunanda objects. Amar says they have no option, he will be insulted if Gauri tells the world what Shiv did to her. Chaya takes the girl along. Sunanda was teased by the girl, and wonders who this Baba is.


Kamal wonders if Sunanda recognized him. He jumps off his chair and backs up, yelling at the witch to stay away from him. He calls Chaya for help instead. Chaya comes there to keep Mohini away from Baba. Baba who had slipped on the floor, re-applies his fake mustache and goes into the room.
Later, Baba and Gauri were in Amar’s room. Amar offers her money and clothes. She falls to his feet and shares her greed. Amar tells her to play her magic on Shiv. He must not be able to see anyone else when around her. Gauri promises his work is done. Sunanda overhears this.

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