Did Madonna get a butt job? Queen of Pop breaks Internet with cheeky display at VMAs


Madonna made quite an entrance at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, on Sunday, September 12, which got Twitter buzzing.

As she walked off the stage, people could not believe how defined and considerably plump her buttocks looked which led many of her fans to question if she had got butt implants.



The 63-year-old Queen of Pop made a surprise appearance by kicking off the show in a Burberry coat, back leather bodysuit, and matching cap. The bodysuit was strategically cut in a way to show off her backside, which she did after a one-minute speech. “And they said we wouldn’t last,” she told the crowd. “And they said we wouldn’t last. But we’re still here, motherf**ckers. Happy 40th, MTV! Welcome to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.” As Madonna turning around, she deliberately gave the viewers quite the show of her rear end. The cheeky dominatrix uniform, complete with gloves, fishnets, and puffed sleeves, lit up social media, giving rise to a number of memes and reactions.





Madonna also uploaded backstage pictures as well as photos of the much-talked-about moment on her Instagram with the caption, “And they said I wouldn’t last. #vmas2021.” It has already received over 500,000 likes.



‘What in the Kardashian is this?’

“Did Madonna get her butt done #VMA” one of them wrote, while another said, “madonna at the vmas was like ‘chill, lemme leave now’ #vmas” A third quipped, “Someone go get Madonna’s fake butt. That ain’t cute. #VMAs.” The next remarked, “Madonna’s butt looked heavy as hell #VMAS.” One more stated, “madonna walking away after her opening #vmas.” Another noted, “What in the Kardashian is this? When did Madonna get that butt?” A commenter tweeted, “I still can’t believe what Madonna did to her butt.” One of them chimed in, saying, “Did Madonna get butt implants? Oh, Grandma…just stop now. We thank you for your service, but really, it’s best to back out gracefully before it’s too late. #VMAs”



Another added, “Imma start here. Dear Madonna, this new butt? Nope. Ok. That’s it. #MTVVMAs.” A person reacted with, “Madonna opening the VMAs tonight showing off her Brazilian butt lift and not giving a fuck what I think or anyone else thinks. #VMAs #Madonna #MadameX.” Another commented, “I just spent 20 minutes staring at photos of Madonna’s new butt and I honestly don’t know how to feel. What a time to be alive.” One more said, “Butt did you see Madonna tonight?” Another noted, “So all this time Madonna was working on her butt instead of giving us hits? #VMAs”
















Madonna’s butt has made headlines before

This is not the first time that Madonna’s butt has become the subject of controversy. In 2019, when she appeared at the Stonewall Inn in New York City to perform her classic like ‘Like a Prayer,’ some fans felt her bum looked different. At the time too, Twitter debated over whether she received implants.



In response, Madonna posted a somewhat cryptic message to Twitter, writing, “Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval… And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!!! #2019#freedom #respect #nofear#nodiscrimination.”



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