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Experiencing Constant Itchy Eyes? Here Are 4 Possible Causes Of This Problem



One of the most frustrating things is having to deal with an itchy eyes. It is not only frustrating but also annoying because you won’t really find it easy doing things you would have done on a normal day. I have once had an itchy eye and I must confess that it wasn’t a pleasant experience in any way.


That aside though, one way to cure or handle itchy eyes is by getting to know what is causing it. Sometimes people experience itchy eyes for very minor reasons while sometimes it can be an issue worthy of maximum attention. Whatever it may be, the first move is getting to know the reasons first of all. Below are some of the causes.

1. Dry Eyes; if you’re having dry eyes, your chances of experiencing Itchy eyes would be very high. The best way to handle this therefore, is to speak to an optometrist, he or she would recommend an eye drop that will form artificial tears in your eyes when used to prevent further itching.

2. Improper Contact Lens fit; this is another reason why you may experience constant itchy eyes. This is not an issue worthy of much attention, just get to the optometrist and he or she would correct it.

3. Eye Infections Such as Conjunctivitis can also be a reason for your endless eye itch. A simple eye drop or medication can handle this particular eye infection.

4. Seasonal allergies could also be a contributory factor to the constant eye itching you might be experiencing. All these would be resolved when you visit an eye doctor.

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