Future Liverpool transfer for Harvey Barnes may be possible

Liverpool are going to be fun to watch again next season, as there’s a feeling that the returning stars in defence will give the whole team confidence to play in their usual style under Jurgen Klopp again.

Last season they were decimated by injuries so there were players out of position and the balance wasn’t quite right, and it means they may not need to make any huge signings in the forward areas.

This is Futbol have looked at potential interest in Leicester City star Harvey Barnes, and it sounds like there could be some potential interest in a future move.

They reported on some comments from Neil Jones that were made on a recent podcast, and it sounds like he is well thought of and a future transfer wouldn’t be a surprise at all:

“It’s very hard to phrase things sometimes, but there are things that you know, there are things you suspect and there are things that you don’t know.

“I can openly admit there’s a lot of things that I don’t know about Liverpool, but one thing I do know is that when I’ve spoken to people within Liverpool’s staff, within Liverpool’s recruitment team, within Liverpool’s squad, certain players’ names come up and they say yeah, he’s a good player, he’s very, very good. Harvey Barnes is certainly one of them.

“I think he probably isn’t a player that Liverpool are going to try and sign this summer, but it’s one of them that if you see a link with Harvey Barnes pop up in the future, you can know for certain that there’s a lot of people, including coaching staff and including recruitment staff, that think he’s a very good player, so don’t be surprised.”

He’s not a player they need just now and it’s likely that he’s best staying at Leicester City anyway, but he sounds like a player to look out for in future windows.


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