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Britain Hasn’t Done Enough To Free Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu’s family has lamented that the British government abandoned its citizen as it has not done enough to help release the Indigenous People of Biafra leader after he was rearrested by the federal government.



The family urged the government to show more interest in Kanu’s ordeal since he is a British citizen.

In an interview with Vanguard, Prince Emmanuel, Kanu’s younger brother asked why the IPOB leader, a British citizen was “ kidnapped and bundled to Nigeria and Britain is still keeping quiet.”

He said, “It is still not clear to us how Nnamdi, a British citizen would be abducted and bundled to Nigeria. If at all there is any reason to arrest him, why not take him to Britain where he is a citizen?

“Britain hasn’t done enough. Britain should be able to stand firm and demand explanations for those who abducted her citizen and bundled him to Nigeria. Kenya should also explain all it knows about this crime.”

The family further demanded access to the detained self-determination agitator who was arrested last Sunday.

Kalu’s younger brother lamented that since the IPOB leader was “bundled” back to the country, his family hasn’t had access to him.”

Emmanuel revealed that the family had been traumatised by Kanu’s arrest and recent events, noting that every member of the family was deeply worried over his health condition.

“I hope he is not tortured. I hope his right to human dignity is not being violated. How can you abduct somebody and keep him in custody without access to his family and lawyers? This is inhumanity!” he lamented.

He asked the Nigerian government to grant the family access to Kanu whom he said “is by law presumed innocent until proven guilty”.

“Why can’t we see him? The federal government should allow us to see him because he is our son. He should have access to his lawyers and family,” Emmanuel added.

He, however, urged all of Kanu’s supporters to remain calm and watch as events unfold, stating that Kanu did nothing to deserve the arrest.

He expressed confidence that his brother would eventually triumph in the end.

“It happened before. This is his second missionary journey. We shall prevail because my brother is not a criminal.

“He has not killed anybody nor has he asked anybody to kill. He is only fighting for the freedom of the people which is their fundamental human right,” he said.

Emmanuel said the family had no regrets identifying with the Biafra cause despite what the family had been through including the loss of their parents.

He urged Ndigbo and lovers of democracy and justice to unite behind his brother whom he said “is only fighting a just cause”.

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July 2021