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He Was Sentenced To Death Over A Crime He Didn’t Commit, Fact About George Stinney You Need To Know

Some people fortunately became prisoners over the crime they didn’t commit. But my prayer for myself and those who are reading this article is that may we never encounter what will make us find ourselves in the prison.

Anytime I remember the pain some people went through after they were sentenced to death over a crime they didn’t commit, I felt so sorry for them. Lots of people has lost their lives untimely due to the crime they didn’t commit. But there was nothing for them to do than to accept the faith and pray to God to fight for them. There is a young boy among those people who were killed despite that they were innocent. The story of this young boy is a touching one. The name of this young boy I’m talking about is George Stinnney Jr.

George Stinney Jr was born on October 21, 1929. Where he was at age of 14, he faced critical challenge which claimed his life. On one day, the lifeless bodies of two young white girls were found in the compound of George Stinney were he lives in Alcolu, South Carolina. George Stinney was apprehended by policemen over the lifeless bodies of these young girls who were found in his compound. The names of these girls are Betty June Binnicker, who was 11 years old and Mary Emma Thames, who was just 7 years old. George Stinney was apprehended as I have said earlier and his case was charged to court immediately. One of what broke people’s heart was that George Stinney was not allowed to get a lawyer who will defend him. He was told to defend himself. Even his parents were stopped from seeing him when he was in prison for trial.

Picture of George Stinney and the young two white girls

On the judgement day, judge said George Stinney Jr was found guilty for putting an end to the lives of these young white girls. So, without hesitation, the judge sentenced him to death by electrocution. Although, George Stinney Jr didn’t know anything about the death of these young girls, and he didn’t know the person that took the corpse of the young girls to his compound. But nobody can stand as his eyewitness and he was even banned from getting lawyer that will defend him in the court. But during the time he spent in the prison before he was electrocuted, George Stinney Jr used to tell people that he didn’t know anything about the death of the young girls. When the day of his electrocution has come, he hair was cut off and he was electrocuted with tears in his eyes. This is how the young black boy was sentenced to death despite that he was not the person that committed the crime he died for.

Pictures of George Stinney Jr during the time of his electrocution

But 70 years later after he was electrocuted, a lawyer in South Carolina later found out, and brought out the truth that George Stinney Jr was set up by some people just because he was a black. He said the corpse of these young girls were dropped in his compound so as to set him up.

June 2021