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The video was edited, I didn’t say Archbishop Idahosa raised my mum from the dead



Founder and Senior Pastor of The Shepherd’s House International,  Apostle Joshua Talena, has denied claims he said that the founder of the Church of God Mission, Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, raised his mum from the dead.

We had earlier reported that the Church of God Mission dismissed claim in a viral video, where Talena was seen sharing a story in which he mentioned the late Idahosa alongside raising the dead.

The statement partly reads; “We would like to publicly declare that at no time in his life time did Archbishop Benson Idahosa relate such story, not to his close allies nor his family members, neither was such story recorded either in his books or any of his messages.”

Talena in a statement released on his Facebook page this afternoon said he never claimed the late clergyman raised his mum. According to him, he was talking about a man of God in the time of Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He said the video that has gone viral was edited to damage his integrity.

“My attention was drawn to a Facebook/Instargram publication alleging that the testimony I gave concerning a man of God in Benin that lived at the same time with Arch. Benson Idahosa of blessed memory was not exact. As you listen to the full testimony here, I DID NOT say it was Benson Idahosa.

“The video of it that was earlier publicised was edited to damage my integrity. You may listen to what I said fully so that you are not misled. I heard the testimony from a credible and trusted source, and I DID NOT say it was Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa.
Please disregard the publication against my person.”

Watch the video below:


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