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“We are here to win it”

Argentina took a fundamental step in its qualification for the quarterfinals of the Copa América 2021 with the victory against Uruguay.

In the Lionel Messi era, Argentina has yet to win an international trophy, which is the major blemish in his career.

However, following the performance from the 33-year-old against Uruguay, Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez did not hesitate to express his main desire: to be champion.

“We were missing the victory as a group, we came with a bit of a bitter taste because we played well and we could not win and they scored goals in which we could have done a little better defensively, today we defended first and attacked later, and it was incredible solidity,” Martínez said.

Finally, the Aston Villa shot-stopper spoke about why they have this newfound confidence apart from their victory over Uruguay. Having Messi on their squad helps, but Martínez also adds other details as to why he thinks Argentina can win the Copa América.

“We are here to win it. It is the goal we dream of, we have the best in the world and a good coach who gives us a plan every game, and we will win it. We have a barbarian team, anyone who wants to do the job well, the coach gives confidence to many players and that is good for the group,” Martínez said.

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