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Five Things Most Women Find Attractive in Men



As a man, you do not always have to be extraordinarily prosperous or good-looking to appeal to a woman. There are some matters a man can do that will immediately make a lady fall for him, and beneath are some of them!

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1. Good sense of humour

Good sense of humour often comes with a positive and healthy mindset, and most women would literally kill for a man with that attribute! As a man, you don’t necessarily have to be the funniest person alive, but having the ability to not take everything seriously, having fun and laughing is a huge turn-on for most women. Women generally love any guy that makes them laugh because they can be sensitive, and jokes can lighten up their moods. This is why most women go for a funny man that is considered “unattractive” rather than a handsome boring man!

2. Confidence and high self esteem

There’s nothing more appealing to most women than a confident man! Every woman wants a confident man that believes in himself and knows what he wants. As a man, having a high self esteem will make a woman respect you because people mostly treat us however we carry ourselves. However, I’m not saying you should become arrogant or narcissistic, but to have a certain level of self worth and respect. This quality will make you reliable, and most women find that attractive.

3. Good listening ears

Women often get emotional or sensitive and cools off by talking about their issues, and there’s nothing they love more than a man that would listen to them and support them emotionally. In fact, when women get emotional and start talking, they don’t necessarily need you to say anything or give your advice, just being there with them, listening calmly while holding, cuddling or caressing them is enough! Women find this quality in a man extremely attractive!

4. Kindness and generosity

When I say “kindness and generosity”, I’m not talking about giving a woman millions of naira, but generally how you treat her and other people. You don’t have to be extremely rich to be kind and generous, not just to women but humanity because how you treat other people also matters. Even if you’re not rich, a woman can still love you with all her heart, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of her the little way you can. When a woman truly loves you, she won’t even need much gifts from you. Being kind and loving to her, buying little gifts once in a while, cooking for her or giving her a massage are few ways you can make a woman fall deeply for you.

5. Showing emotions and talking about your feelings

The whole concept chauvinism and toxic masculinity has ruined so many relationships and made so many men unattractive! I know that men are generally expected to be “strong”, but that doesn’t mean a man shouldn’t show his emotions! Men are also human beings and can feel pain and heartbreak just like everyone else, and showing your emotions and talking about your feelings is actually a huge turn-on for most women. Women are generally born with “mother tendencies”, so they naturally won’t have a problem supporting an emotional man. So, instead of bottling up your emotions, let it out and watch a woman’s protective side jump out! This will also strengthen your emotional bond with her.


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