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Lagos State University (LASU) Develops Monitoring App to Improve Students Safety in and out of Campus



Lagos State University (LASU) has developed a monitoring application to improve students’ safety in and out of campus.

The Acting Director, Directorate of ICT, Dr. Toyin Enikuomehin, has again enjoined students of the Lagos State University to take advantage of the free security monitoring application- LASU MONITOR APP- to further guarantee their safety in and out of Campus.


He emphasized that the application is free to download.



LASU Monitor App Features

The features of the APP includes:

1. EMERGENCY/NON-EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Call the University marshals with just a click, in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

2. FRIEND WALK: Initiate a friend walk to allow your friend to track your real-time movement on Maps.
Once the friend walk is initiated, a six digits pin will be generated which serves as a unique ID your friend can track you with on the LASU Monitor application.

  • This feature requires Location permission to be granted on both ends.
  • This feature requires Location services to be enabled on both ends.

3. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: This section allows you to report any sexual misconduct experienced on campus. The report will be dispatched to the appropriate quarters and will invoke the University’s internal investigative processes. Other report validation techniques are also included.

4. NEWS: Get real-time news on events and deadlines in the university.

5. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: This section explains what to do if you find yourself in an unexpected situation where you have to help a person in need of medical attention.

6. WEAPON ON CAMPUS: This section explains what to do if you see someone carrying a weapon or what appears to be a weapon on campus.

7. FIRE AND SMOKE: This section explains what to do during a fire or if smoke is encountered on campus.

8. PERSON IN CRISIS: This section explains what to do if you encounter a situation where individuals pose a danger to themselves or others. This feature allows you to turn on your phone’s flashlight with a click especially for those that read in school at night.

9. DRUG ABUSE: This section explains what to do in case there is someone smoking hemp or using drugs or similar substance in school.

10. GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING: This section lets you book an appointment with the University’s guidance and counselling unit.


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