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Men: Here Are Preventions of Prostate Cancer



Diet is today’s primary cancer-causing factor. It is truly ironic that foods that should provide health and life should become the principal cause of cancer and death.

Something must be wrong with the dietary habits of the bulk of the developed world, population, they are eating too many animal-based foods which fasten cancer, in proportion to plant-based foods, which help protect against it.

To reduce cancer risk

1. Avoid canned meats like sausages, cured hem, bacon, etc grinned meat, and very well done or fried meats.

2. Avoid smoked, pickled, salted, or highly spiced foods.

3. Avoid consuming very hot foods and beverages.

4. Avoid excess calories from protein or fat sources, particularly from animal sources such as meat, fish, eggs, or milk.

5. Lastly, avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tobacco: when these are combined they potentiate their carcinogenic effect.

Food to Increase

1. Fruit, tomatoes, dried fruits like dates, and raising legumes, soy milk (beverage), tofu, citrus, pectin, garlic.

2. Fructose, Vitamin E.

3. Carotenoids (lycopene)

4. Walnut.


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