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Eating These Foods At Your 40’s? Prevent Cancer By Avoiding Them



Cancer is the collection of related diseases that lead to the abnormal and uncontrollable division of cells that destroys tissues. Cancer can form anywhere in the body and are of different types due to the area where it is formed such as blood cancer (leukemia), breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer(melanoma), and lymphatic cancer(lymphoma). At a certain age of man’s life, his immune system becomes weaker as he grows therefore making him prone to certain sickness. Hence it is advised that he becomes conscious and careful of what he consumes. Some foods become a danger to his health at some age which might lead to cancer if his consumption is not at a controlled rate. Cancer can be prevented by eating less or avoiding these foods listed below.

1. Overcooked Foods

These food cooking methods might be grilling, pan-frying, or barbecuing which may increase the risk of cancer by altering the DNA of your cells.

A carcinogen is formed due to high heat cooking which increases the risk of cancer.

2. Fried Foods

High rate consumption of fried food will increase the risk of cancer due to high temperature applied especially on starchy foods during the process of frying, baking, toasting, or roasting which may damage DNA and induce apoptosis or cell death, therefore, causing cancer.

3. Burnt Foods

Burnt foods such as burnt toast bread, grilled or roasted vegetable, burnt popcorn at a high consumption rate may increase the risk of cancer such as lung cancer.

Avoid sugary foods, they can cause type 2 diabetes which may increase the risk of cancer. Also, foods that contain pesticides and herbicides, you may not know though but be careful to avoid them. They are a danger to your health and increases cancer risk.


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