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Do You Know Sorrel Leaves? Here Are Some Of Its Health Benefits



Sorrel is a common wayside plant in most African countries with arrow-shaped leaves and terminal spikes, it develops green and yellow flowers which turn red when the seed is ripe.

These red flowers when prepared into juice as zobo, is often mistaken for Bissap (red juice made from hibiscus red flowers) and squeeze fresh as laxatives.

Sorrel is of two types, we have the wood and sheep sorrel and they are always within reach.

I advise everyone to start making good use of sorrel because of its amazing health benefits and it’s highly beneficial to all blood types. Its health benefits include the following; Tonic, taking drinks made from sorrel builds fresh red blood corpuscles, strengthens and invigorates the body, It promotes nutrition, tones walls of the stomach and stimulates appetite, Serves as a nervine, it calms the nerves, promotes sleep, excellent for stress and convalescence,

Sorrel also serves as anthelmintic, sorrel expels periodic tapeworms and intestinal parasites, acts as diuretics, sorrel cleanses the kidneys and promotes urine secretion, Sorrel is an excellent detoxifier to the whole body system (removes radicals), It cools hot blood, St. Anthony’s fire’, diseases of fainting arising from heat and any type of hot inflammation like haenia and painful bladder, It helps in the production of red blood cells therefore excellent with patients living with anemia, sickle cell and people living with HIV, balances scanty menstrual flow as well as heavy to normal flow and relieves the pains associated with it and foul smell, It is one of the best herbs that resist putrefaction of blood (blood decay), e.g. shrinkage of blood in sickle cell (crisis) and vomiting, Sorrel stays vomiting of any type and helps to relieve vomiting of early stages of pregnancy. (early morning sickness)

Note, In whatever health challenge you want to use Sorrel, please, do not boil, because its enzymes does not withstand heating. Infusion is best.


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