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Chelsea heartbreak intensifies as it’s reported they turned down the chance to sign Leicester City’s FA Cup final hero



One of the great things about football is the sheer amount of “what if” moments that it presents, and there must’ve been hundreds of “what if” thoughts at Chelsea when it comes to their decision to sign Kepa.

In fairness, he wasn’t really at fault for Chelsea’s defeat today although the finger will always be pointed at the keeper when he concedes a goal from such a long way out.

At the other end, Chelsea had two huge moments where it looked like they had found a way to level the game, but Kasper Schmeichel came up with two huge saves and he deserves to be known as the hero of this final.


Chelsea fans are going to be feeling pretty down just now as it always hurts to lose on the biggest stage, but this little report that’s emerged after the FT whistle will just help to rub a little extra salt into the wounds:

It’s fair to suggest that Tieleman’s effort would’ve been good enough to beat any keeper in the world, but if Schmeichel wasn’t in goal at the other end then this could’ve been a very different outcome for Chelsea this evening.


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