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US Citizens Buy Fuel In Plastic Bags, Kegs As Fuel Scarcity Hits Some US States (Video)



Many residents of the US have begun panic shopping for gas in kegs and plastic luggage due to shortage.

Residents of the United States have been noticed shopping for gas in keg and plastic bags.

This got here about as a result of gasoline shortage which has resulted in panic buying.

The gas shortage is due to a shutdown of the largest U.S. gasoline pipeline by way of hackers.

There had been lengthy queues at fuel stations in the US as an end result of the cyber attack.

Gas stations from Florida to Virginia started out strolling dry and costs at the pump rose on Tuesday, May 11, as the shutdown of the largest U.S. gas pipeline with the aid of hackers prolonged into the fifth day and sparked panic shopping for via motorists.

Ashish Desai, an employee at BP station in Charlotte, North Carolina, said Tuesday was chaotic.
“We had people waiting before we even got here,Desai said, adding that cars began lining up around 6:30 a.m.
He said a handful of pumps were shut down around 2 p.m., but eventually, they were all closed and it was unclear when the next fuel delivery would be made.
“It could be tomorrow; it could be next week. I don’t know,” he told ABC News.
The FBI already confirmed a criminal gang in Russia is to blame for the pipeline outage.
Watch video below:


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