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Cheap ways to get pink lips with home made stuffs



Having red lips naturally barring surgery or make-up is each and every woman’s dream. And there are approaches you can get except spending tons specifically if you are on a low budget.

1. Using honey and sugar paste

Dead layers on the lips flip black or thick colorations and the use of honey and sugar to put off these useless mobile has been tested to work like magic.

To do this all you want to do is to take a spoon of sugar and a desk spoon of honey. Mix the two collectively to structure a saturated paste.

Apply the paste on your lips for some minutes and then wash it with water. Use this paste three instances a week and you will see results.

2. Lemon and sugar solution

The lemon-sugar method has additionally been confirmed to work like magic in getting an herbal crimson lip and if you attempt it, you will simply get a first-class end result as these techniques do no longer have facet effects.

Here is how to go about it, reduce a lemon fruit into two, get sugar, pick out the sugar with two fingers and sprinkle the sugar on the sliced lemon.

Then rub on your lip for some minutes. Do this as soon as in two days and you need to begin seeing results.

3. Aloe Vera and coconut oil

Aloe vera has been recognized to be very beneficial when it comes to fitness skin, for the reason that it helps to fix moisture and dispose of lifeless pores and skin cells, it is additionally a treatment when it comes to purple lips.

Here is how to go about it, harvest aloe vera and acquire the gel add some drops of olive oil or coconut oil. Keep it in a container with a lid and preserve it in a refrigerator. Apply the combination on your lips as many instances as you want. Result ought to be seen in few days.


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