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Health benefit of alum in our body system




What is Alum?

Alum is the chemical compound made with a mixture of a range of factors like potassium or ammonium with different metals like aluminum or chromium. All kinds of Alum have two Sulfate groups.

The most frequent kind of Alum reachable in the market is Potassium alum. The scientific title of potassium alum is hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate.


1. Alum block for shaving:

The use of Alum block for shaving has been practiced by means of many barbers in the hair saloons. It has been used as a easy trick to manage bleeding from minor cuts after shaving via guys from ages. Using Alum block for treating shaving cuts is a very easy and superb domestic remedy.

You will want simply 1 ingredient for this and that is Alum block. Just wash your face after shaving. Then observe Alum block over the cuts or wounds and rub for 5 minutes. Then wait for 10 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Alum acts as an astringent. It helps in the constriction or sealing the blood vessels offering the skin. This controls the bleeding from shaving cuts very fast. Alum is an antihemorrhagic agent which controls bleeding fast.

It is, for this reason, Alum is used as phase of Styptic pencils which are the use of as an high-quality after-shave remedy to manipulate bleeding.

2. Alum for canker sores:

Alum powder is an advantageous domestic treatment for the remedy of canker sores or mouth ulcers. You can use it two methods to get rid of canker sores.

Method 1:


½ spoon of Alum powder

Directions:Just take a ½ spoon of Alum powder.If you don’t have Alum powder, you can powder Alum block to make alum powder.Then follow this Alum powder over the canker sore or mouth ulcer.Wait for 10 minutes and then rinse off your mouth.

When to observe this remedy:

You can use Alum for canker sores about two to three instances daily.You can comply with this treatment for three to four days to see excellent enchancment in the canker sores.


Alum makes the canker sores burn a lot.Adults can tolerate as a consequence burning sensation as it yields top outcomes and therapies the canker sores.But, small youngsters would possibly locate this treatment intolerable. So, keep away from the use of alum powder without delay over the canker sores in kids.

Method 2:

This 2nd technique of the usage of Alum over the canker sores entails growing an oral rinse or mouth rinse the use of Alum powder. This motives much less burning sensation than the use of Alum powder directly. So, children can use this treatment besides any discomfort.


2 spoons of Alum powder,1 Glass of water


Boil a glass of water.Then add Alum powder to it and combine well.Then swap off the flame.Wait till the Alum water turns into lukewarm.Then pressure the Alum from the water.Use this Alum water as a mouth rinse.

When to use this Alum mouth rinse:

Use this mouth rinse two to three instances a day.Use this for three to four days for rapid remedy from canker sores.

3. Alum for Acne/pimples:

Alum is a very nice treatment to therapy zits or pimples naturally. You will want simply three easy substances to make a face pack with alum for pimples or pimples.


1 spoon Alum powder ,2 spoons Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth,2 spoons Rose water


Mix the Alum powder, multani mitti or Fuller’s earth with rose water.Make it into a first-class paste.Apple this Alum paste over the pimples or pimples.Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

When to use this:

You can use this Alum face masks as soon as each and every week.You can comply with this treatment the usage of Alum for at least two months to see a substantial enchancment in your acne.

Why this works:

Alum is a very excellent recuperation agent.It helps in controlling the pimples or pimples.It additionally helps in curing zits or pimple scars naturally.In addition to this, it tightens the pores and skin and makes you appear youthful.

4. Alum for hair removal:

Alum powder gives a soothing alleviation if you use it over your pores and skin after hair removal.


1 spoon of Alum powder, two spoons of Rosewater


Mix 1 spoon of Alum powder with two spoons of rose water and make it into a clean paste.Then after you eliminate your hair with warm wax or bloodless wax, observe this combination over the hair elimination areas.Wait for 10 minutes. Then wash off the alum powder with lukewarm water.



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