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‘If You Carry Family Problems And You’re Not Yet Strong, You’ll Not Attain Your Potential’ – Filmmaker Mcbaror Tells Entrepreneurs (Video)



He introduced that he is now not advocating for human beings to emerge as stingy however stated you want to be sturdy in order to elevate the weight of other’s problems.

Toka McBaror, a Nigerian filmmaker took to Instagram to warn entrepreneurs to keep away from the temptation of carrying each household member’s economic burden.

He informed entrepreneurs that he is speakme from experience. He went on to narrate the story of a pal whose boom used to be stunted due to the fact of the weight he started out carrying early in life, and likened his friend’s state of affairs to that of many struggling entrepreneurs.

He brought that he is no longer advocating for humans to turn out to be stingy however stated you want to be robust in order to elevate the weight of other’s problems.

He said: “Family problem, friends problem will always be there with us. But you need to grow to a certain level before you carry load, so it won’t hinder how tall you’re supposed to be.”

He added: “If you don’t plan well, your friends, your family, they will continually take from you, you will not get up that ladder.

“I’m not advocating for you to be stingy but be smart.

“If you don’t plan well, they will laugh at you tomorrow.  The same people will gather and say, ‘I don’t know what he does with money. If you know the kind of money that came into my brother’s hand, but now look at him’. But they’re the same people that were ealing the money small small.

“I’m speaking from experience. Be smart oh. If not dem go laugh you.”

Watch him speak in the video below.



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