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Video: Jurgen Klopp delivers Virgil van Dijk injury update amid rumours of a comeback this season



It’s constantly a high quality signal when a participant is noticed on the coaching subject after a long-term injury, however it doesn’t usually suggest that they’re shut to taking part in aggressive soccer again.

Liverpool have genuinely neglected Virgil van Dijk this season so they will be eager to get him returned on the subject as quickly as possible, however that can’t come at the rate of him making the trouble worse and lacking even extra time.

He’s been doing some jogging this week so it’s herbal that the query used to be requested of Jurgen Klopp, however this makes it clear that he’s nevertheless some way off making his first-team return:

They factor about going for walks in a straight line is a suitable one with a knee injury, as it’s going to take time for him to construct the energy to rapidly trade path and make the actions required in a sport of football.

It’s nevertheless high-quality information overall, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be in any nation to play till subsequent season, whilst the Euros have to be a fundamental doubt too.


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