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These drinks help reduce acid in the stomach. Check them out



These drinks help reduce acid in the stomach.


Hello friends, i hope you are doing well. Tamarind fruit is one of the most nuitrient densed fruit in our garden. It’s prosperous in antioxidants, nutrition C, magnesium and anti-inflamatory properties. It has been used for ages, by way of Man to deal with frequent occuring infections and more than a few ailments. Some of the wholesome advantages of consuming tamarind fruit juice consists of the following;

1. Heart friendly

Being prosperous in antioxidants, soluble fiber and iron. Tamarind juice helps to fight immoderate ldl cholesterol degree biuld up in the body. Tamarind juice additionally helps to stop atherosclerosis.

2. Rich in antioxidants

Tamarind fruit carries polyphenols, flavanoids, terpenoids procynedin and B2 nutritional vitamins which helps to neutralize free radicals.

3. Rich in magnesium

Magnesium is a imperative mineral for our day to day activities. It helps to promote wholesome coronary heart beat, rythm, muscle contractions and blood sugar control. Eating tamarind fruit or simply consuming it is juice, will assist you to achieve the every day required magnesium levels.

4. Nerve function

Thiamine and B nutritional vitamins are excessive in tamarind juice. These minerals are fundamental for healthful nerve signaling, regeneration and development. Tamarind juice helps to support and enhance nerve function.

5. Purifies blood

Tamarind juice helps to detoxify free radicals and junk gathered cells in the body. Their wealthy Vitamin C content, iron and diet A. Ensures new white and purple blood cells are continuously regenerated in the body.

6. Contains anti-inflamatory properties

Inflammation is the fundamental reason of diseases. More so in persistent diseases. Tamarind pulp incorporates lupeol. Lupeol is antioxidant which helps to forestall cancerous cells and Crohn’s ailment


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