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Foods that contain toxins



There’s greater to simply shopping for foodstuffs in markets or feasting on avenue foods. Food borne ailments are on the increase, and it bores down on what we take into our system.

The two frequent meals that is mentioned in this article are very nutritious, and proper for the body but..

That ‘but’ is what is in this article. Keep reading!

We are all conscious of the inadequacy in storage and processing device in this country. Apart from wastage of foods, this has precipitated a lot of havoc in the fitness world.

Groundnut is a favourite snack or meal of each younger and old. It is additionally a uncooked cloth for the manufacturing of groundnut oil, peanut paste and many different processed foods.

Maize too, is a yummy and delicious food and one of our staple meals.

Now, this is where we are going. Both maize and groundnut should be stored in facilities with low temperature and absence of moisture. This will prevent fungi and moulds from growing on them.

Fungi that grow on these two food are the Aspergillus sp. The Aspergillus species, especially Aspergillus flavus, secrets potent toxins while growing on them which can’t be destroyed by heat or cooking. These toxins have been discovered to have caused significant damage to the liver, and has been one of the leading causes of liver cancer, apart from cirrhosis.

Here are pictures of how healthy groundnuts and maizes look like.

Here are pictures of fungi infected groundnuts and maizes.

Little health tips like this do safe lives.


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