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Health Dangers Of Maggi



The famous poison (maggi) that silently kills.

Prior to the introduction of maggi to Nigerians, the neighborhood locust bean known as Iru in Yoruba, addawa in Hausa and Ogiri Okpe in Igbo blended with crayfish was once the standard ability of including flavour and delicacy to meal. These combos have lots medicinal advantages and might also have contributed to the lengthy lifestyles span and bodily fitness.

However, in order to furnish a style of meat and fish to the poor; the “Maggi” used to be introduced.

So it used to be exported and ingeniously launched thru advertising. It commenced to acquire consciousness and patronage.

The product used to be profitable as the maggi ought to be stored longer at excessive temperature and with the opportunity of giving a higher style and aroma to meal.

The inherent risks in the maggi are as follows;

1) monosodium glutamate,

2) severe excessive stage of lead and sodium consumption etc.

Millions of Maggi cubes are bump off each and every day in Africa no matter warnings of public fitness as to the dangers related with the products.

These fitness dangers are:

1) It will increase Cardiovascular dangers along with hypertension, diabetes and

2)It reasons stroke (cerebrovascular) diseases.

The chance is greater mainly when one advances in age as it weakens the coronary heart ❤️ functions.

Also, with excessive price of Maggi consumption, one ought to develop:

a) erectile dysfunction.

b) power waist pain.

c) rheumatism.


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