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An uncircumcised woman is impure. FGM



FGM is a non-medical exercise that gets rid of lady genital organs, Children get reduce at the smooth age of 5 years from time to time even younger.This exercise is famous in 30 international locations however are greater distinguished in Guinea, Djibouti, Sierra Leone, Mali and Somalia ,however in most countries like Malaysia this exercise is banned however some Muslim women allegedly nonetheless get reduce as Infants.When the ritual is carried out Malaysians recite prayers due to the fact they accept as true with that now not reciting will motive evil spirits to disturb the child,this is referred to as pelepas.

There are 4 types of Female Genital mutilations: Clitoridectomy, Excision,infibulation and type 4.

Clitoridectomy is the removal of the clitoris, Excision is the removal of both the clitoris and labia ,infibulation is a narrowing of the vaginal area, something done through stitching and type 4 is other harmful procedures excluding the above mentioned such as pricking, stretching ,scraping or even the use of acid to mutilate parts of the female genitalia.

Unlike male circumsion this has no health benefits so why do they do it? . It is done as a rite of passage and coming of age ritual ,some do it to control women sexuality.It is also done to prepare them for marriage ,to allegedly purify them for their husbands.In places like Malaysia it is believed that if females aren’t cut they will go wild with lust some like the kunama and Nara ethnic groups believe that if one does not pass through this rite of passage they’re unclean and will face rejection in their respective villages.She will not marry and when she dies she will not receive a proper burial and won’t be burried with her ancestors, her family will not even be allowed to mourn her death publicly,her body will only be covered with her father’s old shredded blanket and basically just thrown into a hole.

More than 200 million women have undergone female genital mutilation and 3m more are at risk every year.FGM is apparently not a religious practice even though there was a religious rulling on it in Malaysia making it compulsory for all Muslim women, it has been practiced by many people of different beliefs and no religious book talks about this, some people just do it because it was done to their mothers and the tradition must go on.

Female genital mutilation is violence against women and children and only has disadvantages such as it can lead to severe bleeding,childbirth complications, Menstrual problems, problems urinating etc.