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Sleep Disorder: Natural Way To Eliminate Insomnia And Anxiety With Just One Cup At Night



Passiflora, additionally regarded as passion flowers, maypop, ardour vine and wild apricot. They are tendrils bearing plants, with shubs and timber species.

However, the specie ‘Passiflora incarnata’ has researched to be high quality in the remedy of isomnia, a snoozing disturbance that is growing in time-honored population, inducing serious hassle in the public health.

Meanwhile, powder from dried aerial section of passion-flowers plant is scientifically proved to be protected for consumption, barring aspect effects.

For napping sickness and anxiety, the powdered Passiflora could be made into tea, for a protected an tremendous treatment.


1. Collect about 3.5kg of aerial phase of passion-flower plant – along with the fruits.

2. Thoroughly wash and colour dry for few days.

3. Then floor the dried leaves, plant life and fruits into powder.

4. One spoonful of the powder need to be macerated into 2-measured cups of alcohol and 1-cup of water.

5. Allow to ferment for few hours, sieve out the extract and add 2-cup of water.

6. Take 1-tumbler of the extract earlier than mattress for one week to Improve napping time.

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