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Do you eat Tigernut or drink its milk, then See the 16 HEALTH Benefit of Tigernut



Tiger nuts are typically used in Africa, and they are excessive in fiber, comprise 20-30% tiger-nut oil, which is nourishing to the epidermis, relieves belly knots, and cools warm flushes related with untimely menopause. Ofio’s excessive fiber content material makes it an magnificent colon evacuator and cleanser. They have a lot of soluble glucose and oleic acid in them. They are wealthy in nutrition E and C and incorporate minerals such as chromium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and zinc.

They additionally incorporate all of the amino acids and some of the B-complex vitamins, in addition to all of these really useful ingredients. Ofio additionally has the following advantages.

1. It maintains you from being constipated.

2. It includes vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which are wanted for the restore of bones, tissues, muscles, and the bloodstream.

3. Ofio presents a giant quantity of diet B1, which aids in the balancing of the central anxious machine and the body’s capacity to reply to stress.

4. It presents sufficient Vitamin E to the body, which is essential for each men’s and women’s fertility.

5. It is useful to colitis and improves meals digestion. Ofio juice is used as a liver tonic, a coronary heart stimulant, and a strong aphrodisiac in China. It is frequently used to deal with extreme belly pain, inspire normal menstruation, treatment mouth and gum ulcers, and is used in Ayurvedic remedy (sexual stimulant).

6. The black tiger nut is an vital treatment for breast lumps and most cancers (any kind of inside canceration and inflammations).

7. It can be used to bandage wounds and as an eye compress.

8. Tiger nuts have a heating and drying impact on the digestive tract, which makes them fantastic at decreasing flatulence.

9. Because ofio helps urine production, it is used to deal with cysts, prostrate, hernia, rectum deformation, and prolapsed (anal feature-small painful flesh and the tip of the anus) as nicely as endometriosis, fibrosis, and fallopian tube blockage.

10. They are belived to aid in the prevention of coronary heart attacks.

11. According to research, they are regarded to be beneficial to diabetic human beings due to their dietary traits and presence of sucrose, making them plenty higher than chocolate.

12. It’s used to make a woman’s breasts bigger.

13. It helps to restore imaginative and prescient issues.

14. Maintains a wholesome physique weight

15. It’s used to deal with pores and skin issues.

16. Assists in the contraction of the uterus throughout childbirth.


Tiger nuts, like coconuts, can be chewy and rough, however this hardness can be decreased by way of boiling or soaking. They can additionally be used as a replacement for coconut in meats, sauces, and ice lotions (creativity is key). Tiger nut milk can be processed and bump off directly.


260 g dried tiger nut, 1 half of liter water, and one lemon rind To cease a awful odor, wash Ofio and soak it for 24 hours, altering the water 2-3 times. Drain properly and combination with a lemon rind, then add 1 liter of water and go away to stand for round 20 minutes – sieve twice with a easy cloth. Chill for at least two hours earlier than serving in glasses crammed with overwhelmed ice. Tiger nuts have to be bump off in giant portions by way of nursing moms to make certain ample grant of breast milk to fulfill their infants.


Ofio is cholesterol-free, however it carries 2.9 grams of sodium, so human beings with blood crew ‘O’ can eat it in moderation.

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