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Things you should Know about Pap ‘Akamu’




Corn pap, additionally recognized as Akamu, ogi, Koko, or elao, is a Nigerian fermented maize cereal pudding. This super-light meals has been round for a long time and is bump off with the aid of each adults and youth in Nigeria. Apart from its ease of preparation, the fitness advantages of pap (Akamu) make it a frequent breakfast and even supper choice for many.


The bitter style of historically processed pap (Akamu) will go properly with beans, Akara, moi-moi, okpa, and so on. When blended with pap (Akamu), all of these make a scrumptious meal.

The dietary content material of pap include:


Carbohydrate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1, Riboflavin C, Folic Acid, Potassium, Chromium, Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

How do you make corn paper? (Akamu)

1. Dry the maize/corn.

2. Rinse the maize with smooth water after drying it.


3. In a bowl or tub, soak the washed corn.

4. After three to 4 days, wash the maize and exchange the water.


5. On the 1/3 day, wash the corn once more with smooth water and combination till smooth.

6. Drape a large bathtub with a chiffon cloth.

7. Pour in the water and provide your blended maize a true rinse.


8. Place the pap in a cotton bag to air dry for round three hours.

9. Allow the Akamu to enhance a candy taste overnight.

10. Your Akamu is all set to get packed.

Preparing for Pap ( Akamu)


To begin, carry a pot of boiling water to a boil.


2. Measure out the sum of Akamu you will want and mix it with bloodless water.

3. Pour boiling water into the Akamu and stir to skinny it out.

4. You’re about to see your Akamu mirrored in the mirror.


The following are some of the fitness advantages of Akamu (Pap)

1. Akamu is a protected alternative for breastfeeding mothers.

Akamu incorporates water and different substances that useful resource in the go with the flow of breast milk from lactating mothers. Pap additionally aids in the restoration of manage in ill people.

2. Raw Akamu might also additionally be taken by way of human beings who are struggling from ulcers.

3. Facility for Digesting


Pap is one of the ingredients that can be without difficulty digested and extract hazardous elements and factors from the body. Constipation and indigestion are frequent facet consequences of maize pap.

4. There is a reduce in the danger of hypertension.

Corneal pap has a excessive potassium content material and no sodium, making it an great meals for lowering blood strain and stopping hypertension.

5. Booster power

Akamu is a mild meals that does now not add weight to the body. Instead, considering that Akamu is excessive in carbohydrates and provides vitamin and intellectual sharpness, it boosts the body’s strength levels.

6. Helps to preserve the kidneys healthy.


Akamu pap can assist the physique take away undesirable factors and elements that can harm the kidneys via urine.

7. Safe for Toddlers and Babies

One of the protected Nigerian ingredients for kiddies is pap (. akamu). It is a standard weaning meal brought to toddlers in Nigeria, as in the past mentioned. This is due to the fact it is convenient to put together and digest. However, pap is commonly very nutritious for a developing infant. Carbohydrates, millet, and Guinea corn make up brown pap. It additionally consists of some proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for your baby’s normal improvement and growth.

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